Capital Markets Advisory

EPOCH Solutions

EPOCH has advised public companies since 1999, ranging from micro-cap companies to companies in the Fortune 500. We work closely with business leaders, including senior management teams and corporate board members, assisting them to identify best practices and to develop and implement effective investor relations and capital markets strategies. We partner with companies in most industries and tailor our services to each client's individual needs so as to develop strategies that deliver results. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Investor Relations (IR) Strategic Analysis
  • IR Compliance Advisory
  • Capital Markets Positioning
  • IPO/Pre-IPO IR Advisory
  • Intelligence and Analysis
  • Targeting and Outreach Analysis
  • Trading and Share Ownership Analysis
  • Investor Relationship Management Analysis
  • Content and Message Development Analysis
  • IR Firm Selection and Management
  • Equity Investment Banking Firm Selection

Management Consultant and Investor Relations Services

EPOCH’s management consulting and investor relations practice encompasses a broad range of services, including traditional IR services aimed at helping its public-company clients more effectively communicate and manage their corporate messages, as well as capital markets positioning and equity investment banking firm selection.

Our investor relations advisory role is supported by our close relationship with one of the largest North American IR firms, which provides a full range of IR services, including retail and institutional outreach; writing of press releases, conference call scripts, fact sheets and overview reports; and media (public relations) services. We act as an advisor to this firm, which currently represents publicly traded companies on all North-American exchanges, and assist in managing the relationship between our client’s management and board of directors and the IR firm.

This partner, which was founded in 1999, serves as a communications pipeline between the managements of our public-company clients and the financial community. This process starts by developing a deep understanding of each client’s business, industry, and strategic, financial and operating goals so as to help the company to best articulate its story to investors and other constituents, whether in written materials, on calls, in presentations, or during road shows. It is supported on an ongoing basis by:

  • Building relationships with retail investment advisors and institutional investors
  • Studying and understanding investors’ preferences in various market conditions
  • Offering the largest retail road show footprint of any IR firm in North America by scheduling an average of 400-500 group meetings with investors annually in 50 cities in the U.S. and 10 cities in Canada.
  • Providing continuous feedback to clients regarding market activity and perceptions
  • Building and maintaining an extensive database of financial advisors and institutional investors

Institutional Services

Institutionally, our IR objective is to help each client establish and maintain relationships with institutional investors in order to achieve increased institutional ownership, greater liquidity, and above-average share price appreciation. Our institutional investor universe includes a range of investment styles including: Growth, GARP, Aggressive Growth, Hedge, Value, Specialty and Sector Specific, ideally with low-to-moderate turnover. Our primary institutional investors have assets under management of up to $20 billion.

Our institutional product is based on consistent, direct outreach to leading institutional investors about each client company and is supported by strategies aimed at:

  • Managing existing relationships with analysts and institutional investors
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with new institutional funds and analysts
  • Effectively communicating the Company’s story directly to investors through emails, one-on-one calls, and, if desired, preparation of fact sheets and Company overview reports
  • Arranging one-on-one non-deal road show meetings for Company managements
  • Facilitating Company participation in investor conferences
  • Providing feedback and insight gleaned from portfolio managers and analyst
  • Writing press releases and management conference call scripts, if desired

Media Services

Our IR partner’s media division consists of an experienced team of professionals who work hand in hand with its investor relations experts towards a common goal of informing the financial communities of each client’s story. Its media database consists of multiple media industry influencers from mainstream media to industry specific contacts, and its members use in-house tools and systems to monitor industry and mainstream news headlines that aid in the development and communication of the client’s story.

The media team’s mandate is to obtain free editorial opportunities only with accredited media, which provides valuable credibility that other forms of communications cannot match. In addition, it strives to:

  • Arrange CEO or CFO interviews on television, radio, in print and other media
  • Facilitate the dissemination of market-moving news about the client company
  • Fulfill journalists’ requests for professional expertise